Server Management Solution

Since 2008, Hexaon has been dealing with several projects, maintenances, rentals, relocations, enhancements, and upgrades including hardwares. The following is the list of hardware that has been handled by Hexaon:


IBM Server and its peripherals:

- IBM Mainframe
- IBM AS/400 (iSeries dan i5)
- IBM RISC 6000 (SP2, pSeries, dan p5)
- IBM Intel-base (xSeries dan blade)
- IBM Peripherals (Storage, Tape drive, Printer, and dumb terminal)





HP Server and its peripherals:

- HP-UX (Unix-base)
- HP Intel-base
- HP Peripherals






Sun Microsystem and its peripherals:

- Sun Entry Level Server
- Sun Midrange Level Server
- Sun Enterprise Level Server
- Sun Desktop/Workstation
- Sun Peripherals (Storage & Tape Library)



NetApp Storage Solutions:storage-netapp

- Storage small solution
- Storage medium solution
- Storage Enterprise solution
- Virtual Tape Library Solution (VTL)