Electronic Channel Intelligence Suite : 13-inetcoHEXAON partner with INETCO® Systems Limited provides business transaction management software, communications gateway products and protocol support for a variety of application architectures built within physical, hosted, virtual and cloud- based environments.

These include:

  1. Electronic transaction processing applications
  2. SOA and middleware applications
  3. Mobile applications
  4. Custom J2EE/.NET applications, and
  5. Packaged J2EE applications

Our flagship product, INETCO Insight®, has become the de facto standard for monitoring within ATM, payment processing, financial transaction and banking environments. It is built on top of an extensible business transaction management (BTM) platform that can recognize and analyze any enterprise application transaction.

Products and Services
Business Transaction Management (BTM) Solutions - INETCO Insight

  1. Communications Gateway Products - POSway and BankLink POSway and BankLink are communication gateway products that provide protocol conversion for dial-up POS and ATM terminals, as well as connectivity of leased-line ATMs and legacy network protocols to TCP/IP networks, transaction hosts/switches, and third party EFT processors.
  2. INETCO Professional Services

The INETCO professional services team is made up of world-class transaction specialists with deep knowledge and experience in enterprise implementations. Services include business transaction management analytics, reporting roll-out and development, configuration services and training.