The ICS BANKS ISLAMIC Core system provides the richest possible suite of extended functionality covering a huge array of housekeeping, security control, data processing and data interfaces, built-in and comprehesive reporting system and core banking activities for specialised Islamic banking preconfigured Shari’a-compliant functional modules.


  1. Latest cutting edge technology and partnership with frontiers
  2. SOA architecture
  3. Flexible and effective use of BPM
  4. Straight through processing
  5. Scalable and robust with 24*7 accessibility guaranteed
  6. Use of approved technology to enhance performance
  7. Multi-channel and universal channel management that handle connecting any other system using standard channels
  8. Cloud ready
  9. Innovative
  10. State of the art hardware configuration technology to allow hardware line up according to customer desire
  11. Security at its maximum level using software and hardware technology frontiers

Core competencies

  1. Low cost of ownership of latest technology
  2. Sharia compliance
  3. Turnkey implementation
  4. Fast implementation and migration
  5. Lifetime commitment and support
  6. Upgradable and best of breed technology
  7. Customer in control
  8. Flexibility to address all customer requirements and needs
  9. Standard channel management
  10. International banking standards adoption while addressing local and regional requirement